17 SDGs to Change the World

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) @ BPW International

SDGs addressed in 2020/2021 @ BPW Niagara Falls & activities for each goal.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

June 2020 Speaker: Wendy Matthews, on Positive Living Niagara — The Red Scarf Project

September 2020 Speaker: Brenda Martin, Niagara Women’s Enterprise Centre, Innovative programs for women, providing employment and self employment supports and services to women in the Niagara Region https://www.nwec.ca/

October 2020 Speaker: Judy Cline, on Osteoporosis — Judy’s LinkedIn

November 2020 Speaker: Dianne Grenier, on Family Law Information — Dianne’s LinkedIn

January 2021 Speaker: Margaret High, on being prepared for medical emergencies — Margaret’s website

February 2021 Speaker: Brielle Kaminsky, on Days for Girls, Brock Chapter — Days for Girls Canada

March 2021 Speaker: Karen Stearne, One Step and One Teaspoon at a Time — Heart Niagara

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

April 2021 Speaker: Linda Babb, on Better ways to Govern, The People’s Platform Niagara — Linda’s Facebook Group

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being — GOAL 4: Quality Education — GOAL 5: Gender Equality — GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Membership paid by BPW Niagara Falls to Niagara District Council of Women http://ndcw.ca/

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being — GOAL 4: Quality Education

July 2020 Donation to young Doctor-in-training in need

GOAL 4: Quality Education — GOAL 5: Gender Equality — GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy — GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth — GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure — GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

In 2020, we donated towards the STEM Bursary for Brock Science and Technology Fair, to be awarded to a female student to promote participation in STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Note: The fair was cancelled due to COVID 19. Funds are being held until the 2021 event — Youth Science
Special Events and Activities:

GOAL 2: Zero Hunger

Planning ongoing for Designer Purse Bingo Fundraiser, rescheduled to May 13, 2022 — Supporting Community Crew, providing lunches to school children in need

January 22, 2021 Trivia Fundraiser supporting Community Crew lunch program

All 17 SDGs were covered in this three day Summit:

On October 20 to 22, 2020, our club invested in a Virtual Booth Rental at the Niagara Leadership Summit for Women.

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being — GOAL 4: Quality Education

November 20, 2020, Joint Trivia Fundraiser with BPW Cambridge, supporting Days for Girls Canada
Our BPW members kept a personal list all year and continue to do so, enumerating each and every Goal and relevant actions taken. Listed here are some examples:

1. No Poverty

Donated funds to homeless

Supported fundraisers

Teaching grand daughters how to save money, how to purchase things carefully and look for bargains

2. Zero Hunger

Donated to local food bank regularly

Growing our own fruit, veggies and herbs and sharing with neighbours and family

Cooking in bulk and freezing in portion sizes

No waste of food. Kitchen scraps go to our outdoor feral cats and dog

3. Good Health and Well-Being

Crocheted 121 hats for the homeless

Crocheted 2 dozen scarves for the AIDS Society

Donated four large garbage bags filled with good clothes to women that I know who can use them

Teaching grand daughters about healthy cooking and how to choose products that are good for them

Picking fruit with grand daughters (apples, grapes, pears) and using them for cooking/teaching skills in the kitchen

Taught grand daughter how to crochet and bought her a loom, yarn and hooks

Took girls to Book Outlet for books to read

Sharing books with friends constantly

4. Quality Education

Encourage and ask about grand daughters’ studies, discussing the why, how and where of their work

Suggested and created a $500.00 bursary for girls to encourage them into STEM careers

Teaching grand daughters about BPW and how I help people

Gave grand daughters Community Volunteer work at BPW functions

Teaching girls how to choose fabric for sewing & gave them a sewing machine & providing fabrics for their projects

Teaching/encouraging grand daughters in arts and crafts

5. Gender Equality

Contribution to Days for Girls (Trivia fundraisers)

Supporting BPW clubs here and worldwide

6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Careful attention to rain run-off via ditches and swales on our property, keeping them clear of debris

Keeping our pond water clean and discouraging mosquitoes

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

Using my clothesline, to reduce energy use

Using ovens and other high usage appliances only after 7 pm

Turn off lights as we leave the room

Make sure doors and windows are sealed properly

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Support equal pay for equal work

Tipping essential workers

Supporting LOCAL small businesses

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Encouraging girls for STEM careers through bursaries, speaking to them

Our sons and husband recycle cars/trucks, etc. — removing useful parts and removing gas and batteries before they are scrapped for money

10. Reduced Inequalities

Donations — financial and donation of prizes

Awareness of social inequities

Fundraisers to support the needy

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Encouraging use of low energy lighting, heating, planting of trees

Supporting small businesses that also work hard and use quality products

12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Using clothesline, washing in cold water, new hot water tank to reduce water and energy

Refuse to use toxic chemicals – in and outside

All vegetative scraps go into the gardens

Recycle all cardboard, plastic, papers, glass and metal cans

Using the back of old letters/flyers for note taking

Buying Canadian products

13. Climate Action

Proper care of trees, plants and grass.

Avoiding laundry products that have plastic pellets

Wash in cold water

14. Life Below Water

Cleaning waterways and areas around them

Cutting plastic so animals do not get entangled

Proper disposal of plastic, glass and metal

Prevent erosion of banks, beaches, etc.

15. Life on Land

Kindness & caution for all wildlife

Rescue turtles crossing roads

Feral cats — we feed, shelter all ferals as well as getting them neutered and vaccinated to avoid a higher population of cats

16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Supporting groups that work for peaceful justice

17. Partnerships for the Goals

Educating family and neighbours

Sharing ideas on social media